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Lewis vs Jenson “an unstoppable force meets an immovable object”


Formula One is the world’s premiere motorsport; it’s the Champions League of racing, as no other form of motoring racing offers such high levels of competition. The cars are honed to perfection, becoming one of the fastest mobile objects on the planet, no other manmade machine changes direction faster as they quite literally bend the laws of physics. Of course these machines are nothing without the men who drive them. Each one of them having to acquire not only the physical strength to fight against G-forces equal to that experienced in an F16, but also the mental strength to be thinking about a seemingly infinite amount of variables throughout the race. During just one turn a driver has to consider; tyre wear, fuel weight, angle of approach, deceleration points, gear changes, other cars, racing line and acceleration. This exceptional check list is second nature to these men as all of the above is completed in less than two seconds. For arguably the best combination of these elements we must look to McLaren…

Lewis Hamilton, this young star bust onto the scene in 2007 and led the world championship in his debut season! However he would have to wait until the following year before he would be crowned world champion. Lewis is, in our opinion, raw talent that has some fantastic potential and is destined to be world champion again in the near future. The courage that he shows though his driving is phenomenal as we have seen on many occasions, if there is a gap big enough Lewis won’t waste the opportunity.

Jenson Button, now a ten year veteran of the sport and last year’s world champion. In his time in the sport Jenson has become renowned for his smooth driving style and ability to keep a cool head in heated situations. Jenson has many critics who disapproved of his move to McLaren; however it appears that the team have received him well and with last year’s victory he has proven to be a worthy champion.

McLaren will benefit strongly from having two world champions within their already strong team. Jenson’s decision to move to McLaren was met with speculation that he would simply be outshone by his teammate and that the team in general would favour Lewis’ chances. Not so, Jenson has nothing to prove after last season, remember who has the number one on their car. He was an invaluable asset in preparing the car for 2010 as his civilised driving style and ten years of knowledge are an important tool of which the team need. Nevertheless, Lewis with his fantastic pace will also want to be challenging for the title, and with the two drivers in identical cars it will be down to them where they finish.

Both drivers are very capable of winning the championship this year, but now with margins being so fine between them, they are each other’s worst enemy. The one thing both drivers have to keep in mind is that despite the fact they are rivals, they are also teammates and a collision on the first corner though over competitiveness will cost dearly.

We have faith that the British pair will have a huge amount of success in the coming races, and that there relationship will go from strength to strength.