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Lexus LF-A Takes £300,000 And Your Freedom


The Lexus LF-A is a true testimony to engineering. 10 solid years of crafting one of the worlds most aerodynamic shapes and engineering the perfect performance package. The car may set you back over £300,000 but for that you get one of the worlds best sounding V10’s with 552BHP, possibly one of the most sculpted interiors on the road and the membership of a very exclusive club. If you can get past the price this car is simply mind blowing and more than happy to take on the big names at the top. As you can tell we like the LF-A quite a lot; well that was until we heard about its communist launch control system.

Our biggest hate about any car, particularly ones where you are spending vast quantities, is a lack of freedom. A good example is the previous generation Mercedes C-Class… You turn the traction control off to have a little bit of sideways fun but really the system is on standby just waiting to kill the slide. Lexus have just announced how the launch control (LC) on the LF-A will work and upon hearing about it we were infuriated! First you must drive 350 miles before the system can can be used, LC can only be used in 10 minute intervals, but worst of all the car has an electronically limited amount of times you can use the system. That is diabolical! £300,000 and you can’t use a system that you have laid down your hard earned cash for whenever you want? Imagine trying to sell an LF-A with all its allotted launches used up?

We understand that using LC puts many components under heavy load and all Lexus are doing here is trying to protect your investment. However I think spending over a quarter of a million pounds on a car gives you the right to do what ever you dam-well please with it!