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Lexus LF-CC Concept Guns For 3 Series


Casting your mind back a decade, Lexus was a brand you associated with big luxury cars. The serene saloons that wafted along the road made for excellent business cruisers and limos. Today the brand has a much broader focus with their incredible LF-A supercar and aggressive F-Sport range. A smattering of interesting concepts have further shown the winds of change and what Lexus has brought to Paris this year is also of intrigue.

Looking very much like a BMW 3 Series coupe rival, this concept car might not be all that far away from a production variation. Named the LF-CC Coupe, it previews the new IS range that will feature a coupe. Visually enticing, the concept is a real head turner and suggests that a more sporting nature to the brand will become commonplace. Power for this 2+2 comes courtesy of a four cylinder 2.5 litre engine as well as an electric motor. Lexus reckons is can get CO2 emissions produced by this car down to lower than 100g/km.