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Lotus and Ferrari F1 Tech Banned


Formula One is an environment where gaining the smallest of advantages over a rival is the difference between starting at the front or the back of the grid. Milliseconds count and if you cant come up to scratch then loosing a race can result in not just a lack of pride but also sponsorship. Both Lotus and Ferrari have developed a piece tech that they hope to propel them to victory in 2012. That was until they were banned.

The aerodynamic profile and properties of an F1 car are crucial to how it behaves out on track. When a car is under heavy breaking the nose dips, thanks to the laws of physics, and causes the machines angle to change, thus disrupting the smooth airflow. The two teams were working on a hydraulic system that levels the car out under breaking. The FIA initially thought this was to aid the cars suspension, but now it has been seen to improve aerodynamics by such a level that it is now banned.

Back to the drawing board fellas…