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Lotus Confirms New Supercar for Paris


Lotus are well known for their world famous light weigh sports cars but just the other month the company announced they would be taking on a radical new direction with future models. Leaving the “add lightness” philosophy behind the company intend to take on the likes of Ferrari, Aston Martin and Porsche with a rumoured supercar. Today it is a rumour no more as Lotus themselves confirms its existence.

The company have announced that this new car could be “even more” than an Esprit replacement, confirming that this car will have some performance figures to brag about. It is a bold move by Lotus to go upmarket with their next generation of cars especially as they are so well established in their segment. However this new platform will give them the opportunity to bring their F1 technology to the road and further the company’s public image.

Lotus continues to feed us cryptic clues via E-Mail, so well keep you posted on anything of significance. Keep September’s Paris motor show marked on your calendar.