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Lotus Evora S Unveiled Before Paris Motor Show


Lotus is world famous for their engineering talents as many manufacturers employ them to set up chassis’ in their new models. Even Ford used the lads from Norfork to bring the iconic Ford GT40 back to life in the form of the GT. The British company’s latest car, the Evora, though a 2+2 still has that quint essentially Lotus spark to it with sharp handling and perfect balance. But what happens if you supercharge one? That’s what the engineers were thinking and the result is this.

This is the Lotus Evora S and thanks to the latest black magic they have managed to squeeze a supercharger into the cars tiny engine compartment. The S’ 3.5 litre engine now produces 345BHP, that’s an increase of 69BHP! Torque now comes in at a face ripping 295lb ft but don’t go thinking power is the only enhancement. The addition of a sport button, as if this car needed one in the first place, alters the suspension set-up and increases the rev limiter allowing you to push the Evora much harder than the standard car. 0-62MPH is now down to 4.6 seconds and top speed increased to 172MPH.

More details will be given at the Paris motor show but if you want this new variant expect to pay around £65,000.