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Lotus Exige 360 Cup is 1 of 50


2015 Lotus Exige 360 CUPLotus have revealed the new Exige 360 Cup, a special version of the V6 Cup, which will benefit from a lighter body as well as extra power, a blend which should further accentuate the barebones feel Lotus are famed for.

Power in this new Lotus comes from the same 3.5-litre supercharged V6 engine as before, but this time pushes out 355bhp, 10bhp more than the V6 Cup model and goes through a sports exhaust system. New grooved brake discs alongside a lighter rear tailgate, front clamshell panel and louvered pane promise greater agility when going through the corners.

The Lotus Exige 360 Cup does share a lot of features with the V6 Cup before it however. The front splitter, rear diffuser and rear wing are taken off the V6 Cup. This new model also comes with launch control, a four way drive mode and double wishbone suspension just like the previous model. Factory options consist of a fire extinguisher, a full cage and a battery isolation system as well as adjustable anti-roll bars, red alcantara interior and Ohlins race dampers.

The Lotus Exige 360 Cup will be available in white, silver, grey or black and only 50 of them will be made. This rarity means prices will start at £62,995, which is a lot for the modest alterations it has received and will likely become no more than a track toy for the rich.