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Lotus Reveal New Evora


The highly respected badge of Lotus has been transformed over the past 6 months and over a period of a further 3 years will not be anything like it is today. The British brand known for making some of the worlds best handling sports cars is to become rivals with the likes of Porsche, Lamborghini, Ferrari and Aston Martin. A far cry from the likes of the minimalistic Exige. The first of these new models are still a few years away so Lotus have launched a new Evora to tide us over and they stress that it is much more then just a facelift.

In the E-Mail Lotus sent us it opened with some horrifically customized cars such as an Esprite dragster. The title read “Is it always wise to customize?” and from this evidence clearly not. This new Evora has been built with the now very prominent tuning firm Mansory who have worked on everything from Rolls-Royce’s to the odd Bugatti Veyron. The new design is very aggressive suggesting that there is some new found muscle under the skin. Performance details have not yet been given but as Lotus are making such a fuss  we should assume great things.

“Let’s be clear on this: contrary to media reports, what you’ll see in Geneva is NOT an Evora facelift. It’s a taste of the future of Lotus product customisation. Merely the first toe in the water and a showcase of the potential future.”