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Magazine Issue 21: Paris Review


Itʼs that time of year again! Welcome to the Paris International Motor Show 2010 and my goodness do we have news for you. This being arguably the most anticipated show of the year it was unlikely to disappoint but words can not do justice to what is on the following pages.

Ok, so we’re not France’s biggest fan but they do put on a dam good show. How does a new V10 Lamborghini Concept sound? Or the rebirth of biggest name in rallying? Still not tempted… What about a 780BHP Jaguar super car? Yeah I thought that would grab your attention. This Issue is entirely dedicated to the Paris show and so does not contain some of our usual features such as the boys columns. But donʼt fret as they will be back for issue 22. There are two reasons for this: 1) We managed to lose 25 pages of what would have been issue 21 “Dʼoh!” 2) This issue is being published within 48 hours of me typing these words. If all goes to plan you are reading this and Iʼm not just talking to myself.

Enjoy! Click HERE For Issue 21