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Malaysian Grand Prix Heats Up


They say the 2011 Formula One season will be the most exciting in the sports history and after today’s Malaysian qualifying it is certainly living up to expectations! Initial forecasts of rain soon dissipated as the drivers and their chariots took to the track for Q1. Steady and consistent laps followed just before Alguersuari’s Toro Rosso-Ferrari decided to shed a body panel causing a red flag. Hispania Racing managed to come within the 107% rule this time meaning they will be seeing the grid come tomorrow.

Q2 revealed McLaren’s true pace as Jenson Button set a blistering lap provoking comments of “it is a foolish man who writes off McLaren.” Michael Schumacher again didn’t make it through to the top 10 shoot-out and will begin the race from 11th. Entering into Q3 and Lewis Hamilton appeared to be having some form of car trouble but this was later seen to be all be part of the plan. The following lap saw the fastest so far as the world champion readied himself for one final run. The Red Bull’s also picked up the pace consistently trading places with Jenson Button who says after Q2 he made a bad set-up decision. Hamilton further smashed his lap time making pole his… Or so we thought. Mark Webber claimed 3rd, Jenson starts 4th, just before Sebastian Vettel had a sip of go faster juice and piped Hamilton to the post.

Tomorrow’s race is going to explosive with the Red Bull/McLaren front row battling it out without challenge from an underperforming Ferrari.