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Man Destroys £1.4m Pagani Zonda F


The Pagani Zonda may now be fading off into the distance with the arrival of its successor but as it was the car that built Pagani they aren’t exactly decreasing in value. The Italian firms run of special editions in particular continue to become rarities of the roads as more and more of them are locked into private collections away from the public eye. Though we feel it is a crime for these machines not to be used for their purpose a much larger felony is destroying one.

The Pagani Zonda F Clubsport Roadster is numbered only up to 35, well 34 after today. The £1,400,000 supercar was completely wrecked by a 28 year old investment banker on an Italian motorway; he was apparently obeying the rules of the road… All 650BHP’s now lay in several pieces though the carbon fibre structure did its job well as both driver and passenger escaped with some minor bruises.

Another one bites the dust.