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Martini Racing Livery Returns to F1


Brabham BT42When you think of the worlds most iconic racing cars in all their glory, many of them wear what are now seen as legendary racing colours. Subaru’s rally cars in blue and yellow, the Marlboro branded McLaren’s and of course the JPS Lotus’ to name but a few. Some of these blasts from the past have been reinvented for todays motorsport scene, but there has always been one that we are still waiting to make a comeback. The Martini racing livery returns to F1.

Arguably one of the most handsome designs to appear on a car, the Martini Racing colours, have been absent from Formula One as a complete scheme for decades. Now the world learns that the Williams Formula One team are to take Martini on as their title sponsor. An official Williams team shirt featuring that iconic Martini stripe was mistakenly put up on a merchandise website but has now been removed. The rebranding of Williams has not been made official as yet, but get ready for what could well become the best looking car on the 2014 Formula One grid. Powered by Mercedes-Benz, Williams hopes to take full advantage of this years dramatic rules changes in order to climb back to the top step.