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Maybach Coupe Comes To Life


Maybach, the last word in German luxury as these limos are kitted out with almost every toy you could ever want. They are more private jets for the road than cars with extras. The 101 year old company is owned by Mercedes-Benz these days but thanks to the popularity of Rolls-Royce and the economic climate they haven’t been selling in great numbers, just 300 worldwide in 2008 and declining thereafter. Maybe the problem is that they are just too big? That’s what a German engineering firm are hoping anyway.

Limited to just 100 units this is the Maybach Xenatec Coupe that is being built with Mercedes blessing (more than likely they were just happy to shift 100 units.) Shorter and wider than its original form, the coupe keeps the twin-turbo 6.0 litre V12 and many of the extravagant gadgets inside. Is it just us or is it a much more attractive car in this form? What isn’t so attractive is the price as less car will cost you more money. £580,000 will be required for the keys but is it money well spent? Only time will tell.