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Mazda BT-50 Pickup Previewed


Many young businesses starting up require a good value, reliable and consistent vehicle for a companion. In Europe a few years ago you would have seen Mazda’s Transit rival cutting people up on the motorway, but these days’ people require more than just a vast amount of space in a work car. Enter the pickup truck, a useful way of transporting anything anywhere. Mazda had similar success with their BT series of trucks and now it is time for a redesign.

The new BT-50 will be unveiled at the 2010 Australian motor show this October. The idea is to produce an aesthetically pleasing pickup that is not only useable but eye-catching. Mazda also say this new model appeals to more than just builders who want somewhere to put stuff. These people are described as “families” and “pleasure seekers” thus widening the cars target audience.

No other information as yet but we will keep you posted.