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Mazda Officially Announces the Shinari Concept


Just a quick post relating to the Shinari concept car that was leaked showing Mazda’s new design direction. The leak has forced Mazda’s hand and so today they have officially launched their Kodo or “Soul of Motion” design concept. Shinari, in case you were curious, is a Japanese word for describing a powerful yet subtle appearance.

This full release also gives us our first glimpse of the interior that although looks ultra-modern, could be a plausible cabin as it’s made from the regular materials in cars today. Here is what Mazda had to say about it: “In the interior, Mazda Design has created the ‘ultimate athletic space’ focused on linking ergonomics with basic mechanical functions.  It has designed the optimum space for the driver’s cockpit, to enable the driver to focus on the task of driving, as well as the passenger environment, creating a sense of openness.  In this model, Mazda offers new ideas for the human-machine interface in cockpit design, enabling the driver to switch at will between three modes: Business, Pleasure and Sport, to obtain the maximum enjoyment from driving – whatever the purpose of the journey.”