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Mazda Shinari Concept Leaked


This year’s Paris motor show is looking to be one of the best ever with almost every manufacture promising big things on display, but as the show itself creeps ever closer a few juicy leaks are emerging. Mazda’s stand is always a point of interest at any motor show as the Japanese company have a real knack for capturing people’s imagination with their concept cars. This year is no different with the freshly leaked Shinari concept car.

The Shinari is a concept showing Mazda’s new design language that will filter down through all new cars. Their previous was inspired by nature but its replacement is called Kodo that translates to “soul of motion.” So gone are the smiley faced Mazda 3’s and here comes the very sleek looking next generation. This is purely a concept car but it is likely that elements of it will find their way onto news cars such as the 6, MX-5 and RX-8 replacement.