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McLaren 12C MSO Concept Unveiled


McLaren 12C MSO Concept rearSo, you have decided to purchase an exciting new supercar that is soon to fill your life with excitement and gain you entry to an exclusive club. But what if one day you take your shiny new toy down to Monaco for the day and find yourself in a car park with two other identical cars? Not a good feeling if you have just spent the thick end of £200,000. However, if you are a McLaren customer their special operations department might just have something for you.

Formed to make sure that every customisation desire of any customer is fulfilled, McLaren Special Operations has just unveiled a new concept car named the MSO. Think of it as a showcase of what McLaren can do for you providing that you have the bank balance to float your dreams. Featuring a unique air brake, grills and roof mounted air intake, this model is also lighter thanks to the heavy use of carbon fibre. The interior is also bespoke and matches the exterior colour.

McLaren 12C MSO Concept insideMcLaren 12C MSO Concept front