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McLaren 570GT MSO is Quite the Showcase


McLaren 570GT MSO rearMcLaren Special Operations are a division of the British supercar brand that can make your new car truly yours. Working on everything from the new 570GT all the way up to the mega P1, MSO can tailor the car to your dreams. For Pebble Beach in America McLaren and MSO have produced a showcase to reveal some new technology on offer from the automotive worlds equivalent of NASA. This is the McLaren 570GT MSO.

This shining white example was the canvas chosen. The 570GT is a good looking car anyway, but the contrasting gloss black alloy wheels and carbon sill really set it off. A new titanium exhaust has also been fitted providing a richer noise and a 30% weight reduction over the old unit.

Inside the McLaren 570GT MSO there is a healthy smattering ofMcLaren 570GT MSO inside carbon fibre that contrasts the tanned leather. A new feature is a glass roof panel that can change its opacity via touch sensitivity. You can select one of 5 options for how much natural light the roof can let in. It does this via something called an electro-chromic interlayer.

The McLaren 570GT MSO retains its 562 BHP 3.8 litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine configuration. We like it very much!