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McLaren 570S Overview


McLaren 570SThis is the McLaren 570S and it represents what the brand calls an entry level car. But let’s not forget that this company built the F1, P1, 675LT and many Formula One legends. So, entry level for McLaren means 562BHP and 0-62MPH in just 3.1 seconds. This car is no slouch.

At its heart is a 3.8 litre twin-turbo V8 engine, but 30% of components are new in comparison to its more powerful siblings. Also the 570S runs on more conventional suspension and has predominantly aluminium bodywork, however that doesn’t make it the poor relation, not at all. It will still do 204MPH. Power is sent to the rear wheels via a 7 speed dual clutch automatic gearbox.

It’s core is a immensely strong carbon fibre monocoque that is new to the 570S and goes by the name of “Mono Cell II.” This also enables this new sports car to claim best in class power to weight ratio.

In this “Mantis green” the car looks striking, but appearance aside, it has some strong competition to face. Porsche 911 we are looking at you. Global media launches have just started and so far it would appear that the motoring press have fallen in love with the McLaren 570S.