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McLaren 650S Leaked Before Geneva Debut – UPDATED


McLaren 650S leakedIn todays world it is very hard to keep a secret, especially if it is one everybody wants to know about. McLaren announced last week that they are to introduce a new model at the up and coming Geneva motor show. Instantly the motoring world got into a frenzy of excitement about what this car could be. On the back of their successful, and to be honest biblical, efforts with the P1 what is the British brand planning next? McLaren 650S leaked before Geneva debut.

This is the McLaren 650S, all be it a slightly pixelated imaged, their answer to the Ferrari 458 Speciale. The more hardcore mid-engine machine is based upon McLaren’s 12C and sports some visual changes inspired by its bigger brother, the P1. Producing 641BHP via a twin-turbocharged V8 engine, the 650S will be officially revealed in Geneva next month. Performance figures have been kept quiet and so we shall have more on them at a later date, but other changes are said to include new brakes and suspension. The 12C was already a great car and so we are expecting great things from McLaren’s latest offerings.

We shall have all of the coverage from the geneva motor show here along with those much anticipated numbers for the McLaren 650S.


McLaren literally sent out some official images of the car just as we published this article. They have been added below.

McLaren 650S frontMcLaren 650S insideMcLaren 650S rear