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McLaren 675LT VS Ferrari 488 GTB


488VS675LTRivalries do not come more competitive than this! In the fast and furious world of Formula One Ferrari and McLaren have competed for no less than victory over 50 years. McLaren with the legendary F1 road car in their portfolio set their sights on Ferrari’s 458 Italia supercar and unleashed the12C. At the top level of road car engineering they clashed again with LaFerrari and McLaren P1. At the same time, further down the food chain, 650S took on 458 Speciale. As if enough punches were not exchanged already, at the 2015 Geneva motor show these two thoroughbreds compete for the spotlight once more. McLaren 675LT VS Ferrari 488 GTB.

The McLaren 675LT is the new head of the supercar family for the British brand and plays homage to its long tail Le Mans forefathers. Whilst it is based upon the 650S, over a third of its componentsMcLaren 675LT profile have been changed with the engine itself being made up of 50% new parts. 100KG weight saving and more power hardly sums up the extensive work at Woking. A bespoke aerodynamic package creates more downforce, aids cooling and increases the size of the cars air brake.

In the red corner, Ferrari 488 GTB is an evolution of the fantastic 458 Italia. Just like the 675LT, it has been so substantially changed that it is considered a new model. A huge change is the addition of a 3.9 litre twin-turbocharged engine making it the first mid-engined turbo Ferrari since the F40. Active aerodynamic and lessons learned from LaFerrari forms quite the Italian package.

Ferrari 488 GTB frontEngine

Both cars are mid-mounted V8 units with twin-turbocharging and so here the playing field is relatively even. Ferrari 488 GTB posses 3.9 litres and 661BHP, McLaren 675LT has 3.8 litres and 666BHP.


Whilst the McLaren 675LTs relationship with the 650S is clear to see, the Ferrari has a much more aggressive appearance with high mounted side vents and creased bodywork. If you are looking for a car to win a beauty contest then I have to admit that Ferrari have the Brits here.


Whilst looking good is important to potential customers, nobody wants to buy a podgy supermodel. In the battle of McLaren 675LT VS Ferrari 488 GTB it is the 675LT that wins this round with a dry weight of just 1,230KG. 488 GTB sits on the scales at 1,370KG.

Performance Figures

Ultimately this is what these cars are all about. Going quickly! Each brand has an established history in motorsport and both claim to bring F1 technology to the road. Let us see how the numbers stack up.

Ferrari 488 GTB

McLaren 675LT


3.0 seconds

2.9 seconds


8.4 seconds

7.9 seconds

Top Speed




516lb ft

398lb ft

It would appear that the McLaren 675LT has the slight performance edge over the Ferrari 488 GTB, but the ultimate answer to McLaren 675LT VS Ferrari 488 GTB will be found on a race track.