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McLaren MP4-12c GT3 Racer Hits The Track


It is a very exciting time for McLaren and particularly their reborn road car division. The freshly launched MP4-12c was given to the press a few weeks ago and has received compliments of the highest order. Some of the things that have been said about this car are mind blowing, things such as “I have never driven a car so complete.” “best handling performance machine” and most interesting “forget the Ferrari 458, McLaren are back!” Obviously we are trying to get hold of one to review ASAP but in the mean time McLaren has taken the MP4-12c back to its roots.

McLaren as a whole are through and through racers. Born and bred on the track, the MP4-12c benefits from decades of racing technology, something that clearly has shone through in reviews. The British company said that a GT3 variant was in the works and now we can see for ourselves. The MP4-12c GT3 completed its first tests today at Silverstone, the very same track the Formula One team aim to conquer for the home crowd this season. The car much like its bigger brother, the F1, is being developed for privateers who aim to employ its use and collect victories in a multitude of events.