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McLaren MP4-26 Revealed


Performance; unrelenting, unquantifiable, efficient performance. This is all the sport of Formula One is concerned about, politics and argument aside, this one word signifies the difference between success and failure. The titans of the F1 grid have all revealed their 2011 hopefuls, that is except McLaren. A British based legend that carries as much drive as the prancing horse and this year aims to topple the red baron and Red Bull for the claim of world champion. The weapon of choice for the plucky Brits? A double edged sword in the form of the MP4-26.

Most F1 unavailing ceremonies go along these lines; 1) a crowd gathers to an omanis shape, 2) the shape is revealed to be the new car, 3) everyone claps and photos are takenbefore it all ends. McLaren however decided to bring the crowd to an empty space and literally build the car in front of them. Very creative but what of the machine? The MP4-26 has some very innovative features such as the most sculpted front wing among its competitors, a double air-intake above the drivers head and a lack of bodywork over the rear. It certainly looks the part and both world champion pilots, Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button are very keen to get behind the wheel and see exactly what it is capable of.

Most interestingly McLaren say that the most innovative features of the car have yet to be announced.