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McLaren MP4-29 is an Ugly Duckling


McLaren MP4-29 noseMcLaren have not had the greatest couple of years in Formula One. Uncompetitive cars and the dominance of Red Bull haveMcLaren MP4-29 launch prevented the British team from claiming a championship since 2008. In fact, 2013 was one of their worst years ever! For 2014 everything is changing thanks to dramatic new rules. McLaren hope that their MP4-29 F1 car can take full advantage of newly levelled playing field and deliver a performance worth of the McLaren name.

To be piloted by Jenson Button and Kevin Magnussen, the McLaren MP4-29 is an ugly duckling sporting the new “anteater” nose. The narrow snout complies with new regulations for 2014 which state that the nose must be 185mm from the ground, but it also produces less drag than if the nose tip was a proportionate width. This year McLaren are not sponsored by Vodafone and so the 2014 livery is a rather dull grey with black detailing. The lack of a title sponsor has also meant that the team has had to cover large areas of the car with their own branding “MP4-29” in order to fill empty space. Powered by a 1.6 litre turbocharged engine, the MP4-29 will hopefully drive better than it looks.

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