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P1 VS LaFerrariThey are two of the most anticipated cars to be produced in the past decade. The Formula One super powers of McLaren and Ferrari have again built what they feel is the best road going rocket ships they can. Both have obscene amounts of power, both have more technology onboard than the space shuttle and both claim to be the fastest. Not that long ago we released a video of both of these cars and pitched the question “what do you think is better?” Since then this video has become one of our most watched and has had many comments. Here is what you guys had to say…

Amidst all of the blatant “LaFerrari!!!” “McLaren 4 ever <3” comments the general consensus is that the Ferrari looks better. It’s aggressive stance appears to play well to the crowds as opposed to the McLaren’s more curvaceous architecture. However, many people think that the McLaren will be the quicker out of the two despite its power output deficit.

This is all very interesting stuff and your opinions are very welcome in the comments section. The truth is that until both cars are side-by-side racing against the clock we just don’t know what one is “better.”

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