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McLaren P14 Skeleton Revealed


mclaren p14 monocage IIMcLaren’s “Super Series” of cars has done a fine job of giving the boys in red a big head ache. Providing a real challenge for the Ferrari 458 and 488, the McLaren 650S and its predecessors brought the science of Formula One to the road. The McLaren carbon Monocell has been the backbone of these supercars since the MP4-12C. For the next-generation McLaren P14 a new carbon design has been revealed.

Dubbed Carbon Monocage II, it has three key advantages. Firstly an increased overall strength over Monocell. By now I’m sure you have noticed the “T-bar” roof of which allows for added rigidity and the inclusion of dihedral doors much like the legendary F1. Secondly, it allows the McLaren P14 to have a lower centre of gravity. This should make the already nimble “Super Series” even more so. Finally it is lighter with the P14 set to be 18KG less porky, than the 650S, at 1,283KG.

The McLaren P14 will be revealed at the Geneva motor show this year. It will replace the 650S and is expected to retain a turbocharged V8 but potentially be less than 3.8 litres. The name is still under wraps, however, it is expecting to stick with a similar format to existing models. Currently they are named after the PS output of the car.