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McLaren to run Prototype B-Car in Abu Dhabi


McLaren MP4-29 ButtonFormula One is the pinnacle of motorsport. The ultimate in science and technology, man and machine. This arena is so extreme that F1 drivers are subjected to g-forces similar to a fighter pilot and success for a car can be measured by a single gram. You could see Formula One as a bit of an arms race with teams desperately developing their combatants to gain an advantage. With the introduction of all-new turbocharged V6 engines, building an advantage has never been more important. Mercedes have done this to great effect whilst McLaren have struggled. The focus has shifted to 2015. McLaren to run Prototype B-Car in Abu Dhabi.

For 2015 Honda will return to the sport as an engine supplier for McLaren, reigniting a pairing which saw them win multiple world championships. Whilst testing is limited, this new engine, and the bodywork to go with it, needs some real world data and so McLaren are to run a Prototype B-Car in Abu Dhabi’s Friday practice. These first steps for the MP4-30 will test communications between the factory in Woking and the engine manufacturers in Japan. A new aerodynamic design that is different to what the team currently run will also be under scrutiny.

Whilst the British teams driver lineup is likely to consist of Fernando Alonso, it is still unclear who will partner him.