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McLaren Tease Production P1 Hypercar


McLaren P1 3DA real backbone to my argument of 2013 being the best year for cars ever is the launch of the McLaren P1. The successor to the legendary F1 of the 90’sMcLaren P1 rev is set to become every bit a household name as its predecessor. The completed production P1 will be seen for the first time at the Geneva motor show, but before then McLaren couldn’t resist sending us some teasers of this epic machine.

Though we know what the car will look like externally, nothing has been shown of the P1’s interior. Though it will not follow the in the F1’s footsteps of having a central driving position, it is promised to be one of the most high-tech cockpits of any performance car. Revealed in these images is the cars Formula One inspired gear change indicator and 3D rendered car showing the driver changes to the machine as different modes are engaged.

The P1 is to be powered by a twin-turbo V8 engine equipped with KERS. No official figures are yet known about performance, however, they are likely to be mighty impressive as this car must go toe to toe with Ferrari’s Enzo replacement.