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McLaren To Build 12C Can-Am Edition


McLaren know a thing or two about race cars. Their Formula One program is one of the most successful in history. The legendary F1 road car won Le Mans in racing guise. 12C GT3 cars have been busy winning races all year long. That last one is very important to McLaren as they sell the 12C GT3 as a customer car and to raise its profile earlier this year they produced a concept variation. The Can-Am inspired machine took full advantage of throwing the rule book out of the window and now thanks to high levels of interest, the British team are willing to build them for the lucky few.

Limited to just 30 units, the McLaren 12C Can-Am is a no holds racer. With power restrictions being thrown out, this car now produces 630BHP from its 3.8 litre twin-turbo V8. More extreme aerodynamics don the Can-Am over the GT3 making it, as McLaren put it, “the ultimate track car.” Much like the Pagani Zonda R, the Can-Am is simply a toy to those who can afford the £375,000 price tag as it does not meet the eligibility requirements of any race series.