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McLaren To Make Changes To MP4-12c


There is no doubt that the McLaren MP4-12c is an incredible machine. Its turbo V8 on paper outguns all of its competitors and its technical prowess is second to none. Well, what did you expect when a Formula One team this prestigious goes to work? However some have commented that the MP4-12c lacks the sense of occasion that the Ferrari 458 Italia has and according to McLaren, that just wont do.

The British firm are to make adjustments to the car just a week before customers receive their keys. The aim is to make the MP4-12c experience more exhilarating and involving. These changes will only apply in the cars sport mode in order not to compromise its refinement. Tweaks to the cars exhaust will liven the note produced by the engine and a sharper throttle response to give the car a little bestiality back. The aim is to engage the driver a little more in the theatricality of owning a £168,000 supercar.

McLaren say these changes were planned to be made at a later date but comments made by the press have brought them forwards.