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McLaren To Take Big Risk With MP4-26


McLaren are no strangers to the world of Formula One. Multiple driver and constructors champions their cars are living legend both on the road and the race track. However from what we can surmise from winter testing the British team are having real problems with their 2011 combatant. The MP4-26 is far off the pace of the fastest cars in every test and with the opening Grand Prix this weekend the McLaren boys have had to make some risky changes to get back into the game.

The MP4-26 is revolutionary in design however this has led to continuous reliability issues further resulting in a lack of development. Team Principle Martin Whitmarsh said “The changes are intended to deliver more than a second in performance. We hope the risks we have taken come off and we are competitive.” That second would put them back in contention with Red Bull and Ferrari but with no time to test their theory they are hoping that their leap of faith will land them on the podium come Sunday.