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McLaren’s Secret MP4-12c HS (Specifications Revealed!)


The McLaren MP4-12c is the end result of two tribes going to war. The Ferrari 458 contender offers performance that surpasses the Italian stallions and at a slightly cheaper price. All of the teams Formula One knowledge goes into producing the tech behind the car and as we can see, it pays dividends. However, you inevitably get those people who just want more. It turns out that McLaren have quietly provided.

Spotted in Miami this is the McLaren MP4-12c HS. HS stands for High Sport and the package consists of plenty of GT3 inspired styling interpretations. Deep diffuser, front vents and more carbon fibre really makes the HS stand out. The turbocharged V8 apparently also gets an extra 75BHP, we say apparently as McLaren have not mentioned anything official on figures. A McLaren Automotive employee confirmed the existence of the car and said that it was a bespoke project. We have contacted McLaren for confirmation and eagerly await their reply.

More as we get it.


We have received confirmation on the car from McLaren. There are 5 of these cars being produced in conjunction with the companies special devision. Here are the specs:

·         Carbon Fibre High Down Force front End

·         Carbon Fibre High Down Force rear Diffuser

·         High Down Force front wheel arch louvres

·         Lightweight Stealth wheels with HS style polished spokes

·         High Down Force modified airbrake calibration to compliment the increased down force of the front end

·         Carbon fibre vented rear deck and engine cover vents

·         HS ”GT3 Style” contrast paint design on rear bumper

·         HS Limited Edition Badge Pack consisting of rear badge, dedication plates on doorcards, car cover, floor mats

·         “MP4-12C HS” Branded Carbon Sill Panels

·         F1 – style front McLaren Badge (MSO bespoke project recognition Badge)

Our E-mail closed with “It has been agreed that the performance of the cars will remain confidential, but you can see from the specification that there is at least likely to be increased downforce.”



  1. Im not a fan of the ferarri 458. I dont think it is how a ferarri should be. this hs maclaren is a real improvment on the original car looks wise and performance wise. i wouldnt hesitate between the two if i was going to buy one. it would be the maclaren without a shadow of a doubt.