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Meet the New ZL1, The Fastest Camero EVER!


The muscle car clashes in America were just as hotly contested as the European hot-hatch wars of the 90’s. Each attempt to outdo competitors simply resulted in a cycle of ever leaner, meaner incarnations. In the US it was all about the Mustang, the Challenger and the Camero. Power was the ruling of the day and road-racing was all the pedigree these titans needed. With Ford cranking the Mustang up to 12 lately Chevrolet thought now was a good time to retaliate by reintroducing one of their most fabled nameplates… The ZL1.

The original car of 1969 was a successful racing car and only 69 were ever produced, so this car has to further the ZL1 reputation or end up soiling the name forever. How does a 6.2 litre V8 with 550BHP and 550lb-ft of torque sound? Yeah, we got a bit excited too! Breaking the stereotype this muscle car has been engineered not only for the quarter mile but also when the road gets twisty. Brembo breaks and magnetic ride control may be technology of the 21st century but just like its predecessor this ZL1 is all about putting its competition back in its place.

The new angry styling is an ample warning to all about the beast that lays beneath.