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Mercedes-Benz CLA Unveiled


Mercedes-Benz CLA rearThe small premium saloon segment is an area that is building in popularity. Consumers wanting the luxury of a big comfortable car but will considerably lower running costs are fueling a fire that has set the Germans ablaze. BMW are set to launch a saloon variation of their little 1 Series and Audi have already show a concept A3 saloon that was very well received. Mercedes-Benz will be the first to market with their CLA.

The beautifully sculpted body of this car has changed very little from last years concept. That is no bad thing! It’s styling is full of character and with such a purposeful stance it dominates its surroundings. Inside the muscular bodywork is a cabin trimmed in similar fashion to the well executed A-Class. Powering the CLA will be a range of three engines at launch. Petrol options include a 120BHP 1.6 litre four cylinder as well as a 2.0 litre turbo with 208BHP. The only diesel on offer is a 2.1 litre turbodiesel.

Mercedes will offer the car in front or all wheel drive, but more importantly also in AMG flavour at a later date.

Mercedes-Benz CLA insideMercedes-Benz CLA front