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Mercedes-Benz F015 Concept is the Car of 2030


Mercedes-Benz F015The Mercedes-Benz F015 Luxury in Motion concept car has been revealed just one day before the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. With this concept, the German car manufacturer has demonstrated their vision for the future of luxury cars. It boasts advanced self-driving technology and uses two electric motors and a plug-in hydrogen fuel cell, which produces 268bhp but releases no emissions. A claimed range of 684 miles but allegedly being able to go from to 0-62mph in 6.7seconds means that the F015 might be the future of luxury motoring.

An elaborate yet sophisticated four-door design points towards technologies that may be implemented for future production models. The overall notion undertaken by Mercedes is that the F015 will allow the driver to be able to use their time whilst travelling more productively. The Mercedes-Benz boss, Dieter Zetsche said, “Anyone who focuses solely on the technology has not yet grasped how autonomous driving will change our society”, “The car is growing beyond its role as a mere means of transport and will ultimately become a mobile living space.”

The most highly developed concept car from Mercedes-Benz is equipped with the very latest in technology such as cameras and sensors that can permanently monitor the cars surrounding environment and can then drive fully autonomously when commanded by the driver, giving the occupants freedom to use their time how they wish.

Obviously the concept of autonomous driving may be an uncomfortable experience for the first time and even when produced by a manufacturer such as Mercedes, the trust between man and machine will be thin. New software offers artificial intelligence, which Mercedes say will be crucial in improving this trust.

The F015 detects if a pedestrian is ahead, it will automatically brake to a stop whilst scanning to detect if it is safe to let a pedestrian cross the road. Lasers are then used to project a virtual zebra crossing onto the road, the pedestrian is then prompted to cross by a “please go ahead” message projected by external speakers.

Creating as much room as possible in the interior inspires the design of this concept car. This makes the interior lounge-like and with the steering wheel being able to retract in autonomous mode, and the front seats being able to rotate, gives the car a much more social aspect to an extent not previously achieved.

Front-hinged doors at the nose and rear-hinged doors at the back, all of which open to 90 degrees, alongside the elimination of the B-pillar means the car can open up and show off it’s world of unparalleled and futuristic opulence.

Inside, Mercedes have demonstrated their vision for car interiors in the year 2030. The hi-tech interior houses six separate monitors on the dashboard, rear panels and side panels – each of which using touch, gesture and eye-tracking functions for seamless interaction in what is known as the “digital activity space”.

An endless amount of impressive technology bathes the F015 in luxury and really gives us some clear hints into the sort of cars we’ll be driving around in within the next two decades.