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Mercedes-Benz G-Code Concept looks to the Future


Mercedes-Benz G-Code concept rearMercedes-Benz have unveiled plans for a new SUV concept which is currently only being described as a design study for now. The Mercedes-Benz G-Code Concept is a hydrogen-electric car, which aims to bring younger buyers into the luxury car manufacturer. The G-Code was initially revealed at a ceremony celebrating the opening of Mercedes’ new Research and Development facility in Beijing.

The compact SUV has been described as “the modern lifestyle of a younger Asian society” by the company’s head of design, Gorden Wagener. Mercedes’ idea of the future SUV is a collaboration between the design centre in China the main studio in Germany.

It captivates an almost coupé like profile with it’s muscular wheel arches but is still reminiscent of an SUV with big 21-inch aluminium and carbon-fibre wheels as well as high ground clearance. These features illustrate a sporty side to the Mercedes-Benz G-Code Concept on and off the road.

In exchange for the conventional grille, Mercedes has opted for a more futuristic approach with a continuous display on the grille; dependent on what mode the G-Code is set in. For example when it is parked it shows a soft blue pulsating light.Mercedes-Benz G-Code concept front In all-electric mode the digital miniature stars light up blue and move from the edge to the centre of the display. In mixed HYBRID mode the pattern remains the same but the lights are now purple and when in HYBRID sport mode the lights become a vivid red and now move from the inside to the outside of the display.

More futuristic opulence is demonstrated with features such as small cameras mounted in the top of the A-pillars, which replace old-fashioned mirrors. Inside the G-Code there is a collaboration of advanced digital features and more traditional analogue qualities. Once the driver has entered and activated the vehicle via their smartphone, the instruments and pedals automatically retract from their resting positions to fit the driver in the most ergonomically pleasing way. The wide-screen display covers almost the entire width of the instrument panel and shows the driver various vehicle and multimedia functions. Once the driver has deactivated the vehicle using their smartphone all the instruments, pedals and air vents retract to their resting positions to ensure the driver has a comfortable exit.

The monochrome interior suggests both durability and purity whilst making certain it is indeed a luxury product. The leather carbon-fibre backed seats have 3D scanners equipped to monitor the drivers wellbeing, which is all then shown on the display.

Mercedes are yet to announce what exactly will be powering the Mercedes-Benz G-Code Concept but it will have a “state-of-the-art turbocharged combustion engine that runs on hydrogen” and an “electric motor that drives the rear axle”. It will have a dual clutch gearbox with an electronic prop shaft that combines the power from both the combustion and electric motors.

To keep on the go after parking, the G-Code also comes with two electric scooters below the luggage compartment, both of which charge whilst the car is being driven. Thomas Weber, the head of Research and Development at Mercedes-Benz describes the model as “a look at the future”.