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Mercedes-Benz Reveals G-Class of the Future


The Mercedes G-Class or “G-wagon”, as it has become known, is pretty much the German alter ego to our British Land Rover Defender. Since 1979 the G-Class hasn’t really changed apart from the addition of a few creature comforts.The rugged 4X4 sticks to its formula of brute strength over refinement. Much like the Defender, these two in a world where the crossover seems to rule the roost, finds it hard to fit into todays market. Mercedes-Benz’ latest concept asked the question “could the G-Class still exist in 2025?”

The Mercedes-Benz Ener-G-Force Concept imagines the G-Class within the Germans future portfolio. Though clearly still designed to be as rugged as its fore father, the concept car bears little resemblance visually. Gone are the sharp angles that produced a boxy shape, and in their place are bold curves. Mercedes say that the car is design to cover terrain “quickly and reliably.” Powered by hydrogen and with a range of 800KM, the Enger-G-Force is not only looks mean but is green also.