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Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Roadster Revealed


Mercedes-Benz’s new flagship supercar is nothing short of biblical. With its raging 6.2 litre V8 creating a symphony internal combustion combined with typical Merc luxury it is one of the best supercars on the road today. However, summer is not too far off and those gullwing doors my be cool but some owners will be wishing they were replaced with a collapsable roof. Well today the Germans have answered their prayers.

This is the much anticipated SLS AMG Roadster and obviously its key difference is that the roof is missing. One fantastic advantage to this is that you can hear that V8 blast even more clearly with the roof down, an action that takes just 11 seconds. AMG have ensure structural rigidity has stayed the same an despite the metamorphosis the car has only gained 2KG. Top speed is limited to 197MPH to insure the rag-top doesn’t blow away.

Expect the Roadster in dealerships this autumn.