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Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 6×6, First Impressions


Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 6x6 off roadThe Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is a highly versatile van that comes in a multitude of shapes and sizes. Whatever job you need it for, be it furniture removal or motorway hauling, the Germans have a van for you. Having a three pointed star on the nose of your workhorse also adds to the premium perception of any business. But what if you need to take some very heavy equipment somewhere very heavy equipment doesn’t usually go? Enter the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 6×6.

It started life as a regular Sprinter but thanks to a company named Oberaigner, who officially modify the vehicle for its challenging new life, the metamorphosis is completed. If you think this looksMercedes-Benz Sprinter 6x6 wheels like a serious piece of kit that would be because it is! Underpinning emergency vehicles that roam mountain ranges and providing transportation for large items along tricky terrain, this behemoth is as capable as it looks menacing. 6 chunky tyres, flared wheel arches, and towering about everything around it, the Sprinter 6×6 awaits its next task.

With either 150HP or 190HP and 330Nm or 440Nm of torque, dependent on which engine you choose, this 6×6 will climb up and over just about anything in its path. Tackling the challenging Millbrook proving ground off-roading course, it was clear that this machine had everything in hand. Muddy ruts, perilously steep inclines, and terrain that would have all 4x4s thinking twice just doesn’t phase it. A party trick demonstrated was the cars ability to stop on an incredibly steep slope and then reverse back up it. What else can do that?! It simply plods along at a steady but constant speed in low range. That isn’t to say it is slow… With all of that torque on offer it has a surprising turn of pace for something that weighs 7,000KG. It can also tow 7,000kg and carry a payload of over 4,000kg. Factor in locking differentials if you do get stuck, a wading depth of 650mm without a snorkel, and you have one of the most capable machines on wheels.

Got some serious work to do?  Odds are it isn’t at serious as the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 6×6.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 6x6 front