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Mercedes-Benz To Build 911 Rival


The Mercedes-Benz model line-up has to be one of the strongest in the industry. Providing luxury on every scale and unrelenting performance for those willing to pay for those fabled 3 letters, AMG, Merc have all the bases covered. Last year saw the arrival of the SLS AMG, a car entirely developed by the in-house tuner. It has become a runaway success with a waiting list stretching far off into the distance. So what is the next natural progression for top-end Merc’s? How about lining up against the world most popular sports car, the 911…

Various sources and automotive journals have been laying speculation to the claim that the big Benz is readying an answer to the Porsche 911 that has spent over 45 years in evolution. According to snippets of information leaking from Mercedes-Benz the car has been code named the SLC and will be powered by the Germans new 5.5 litre V8. The due date for this potential upstart is 2014. For now we shall just have to lay in wait.