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Mercedes-Benz Unleash New C63 AMG


A Mercedes-Benz on a day-to-day basis tends to represent luxury, refinement and an element of class. Many business men for example use them as they exude professionalism from every crease in the body. However a Mercedes that has some very significant letters after its name… Well it is a completely different animal. The in-house tuners for Merc, AMG, are normally kept under lock and key but every so often they are invited out to play. That is when one of these German cars will eat business men for breakfast.

Enter the very successful C-Class with its great handling, ample power and comfort. Yet give the car to AMG and what comes out the other end is a C63 AMG. This car has the very sane engine you would find the the SLS supercar meaning saloon practicality now comeswith tarmac shredding power. Thanks to 487BHP the car will get to 60MPH from 0 in just 4.5 seconds. The new C63 also get a 7 speed gearbox to aid with power delivery. The top speed of this car has had to be electronically limited to 155MPH in a bid as ever to keep costs down, allowed to roam free it would do 180MPH+ and would require a horde of new equipment.

We have always loves the C63’s but this latest incarnation is set to be the best yet!