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Mercedes Celebrate 45 Years of SL With Special GT3


Mercedes-Benz are a company that could be described as ruthlessly efficient. Their products are often executed to such a high degree of competency that they are often guaranteed success stories. The SL has been one such model becoming a machine that has worn the three pointed star for 45 years. Todays top-dog of the SL line if of course the SLS. The modern gullwing beast does not fail to impress, showing its beauty to not be only skin deep. To mark the 45th anniversary of the SL, Mercedes has produced the ultimate GT3 racing SLS.

This very rare car will only number 5 once the production run comes to an end, something that the €446,250 price tag reflects. Unique to this GT3 is the matte paintwork and a few aerodynamic tweaks. The carbon fibre bodied racing car has already shown itself to be competitive out on track and so many potential buyer may see this as the ultimate weekend track toy. 6.2 litres of AMG brute force? Yes please!