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Mercedes GP Unveil New Display “strings attached…”


In their reemerging year the Mercedes GP Formula One team were not as successful as they had hoped. Rebranded from world champions Brawn GP, their previous victories meant nothing as the car failed to perform. This year they aim to change that. But what of the now defunct 2010 car? Well the pair of them are making a much better art form than they did F1 racer.

On display at Mercedes-Benz World is the 2010 car but like you have never seen it before. The car is dismantled showing its intricacies all the way to the core. It is suspended with wires crating an illusion like no other and giving visitors a never before achievable view of such a car. Both Rosberg and Schumacher’s cars are on display whilst their 2011 counterparts fight it out on track.

These machines were by no means the best in their class but in our opinion this new “art form” is a role they complete much better.