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Mercedes SLS Owner Faces $1,000,000 Speeding Ticket


Gaining a speeding ticket these days isn’t too have to do, just a few miles an hour more than anticipated lands you a nice juicy fine. In the UK there are various measures to deter speeders such as speed bumps, cameras and regular patrols for traffic officers. But there is one country that refuses to tolerate speeding and if you drive a supercar through it then expect some dirty looks. We are of course talking about Switzerland where a $1,000,000 speeding fine has been issued.

The driver was an unnamed 37 year-old who was taking his new Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG for a blast. Unfortunately for him he was caught doing 180MPH and becomes the world record holder for the largest speeding fine. In Switzerland the fine is determined by how wealthy the driver is and also the speed he was traveling at. To make matters worse he set the previous record for a speeding fine earlier this year!