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Mercedes W05 is First Good Looking 2014 F1 Car


Mercedes AMG W05 profileAs the first day of testing for the 2014 Formula One season gets underway and those teams who have been hiding their cars away are forced to show their hand. Mercedes AMG finished the 2013 season strongly with their new Mercedes AMG W05 frontdriver Lewis Hamilton, the question is, how can they translate that momentum into a season where the rules have been turned on their head. The Mercedes W05 is the answer.

Named the Mercedes W05, this new racing car is by far the most visually acceptable Formula One car of 2014. New regulations that stipulated lower nose tips are to used by all teams have produced some rather ugly aerodynamic solutions. This Mercedes has an aggressively steep angle to the nose, but maintains its width to the tip unlike the “anteater” arrangements on many competitors.  It would appear a lot of work has been done to minimise the the amount of shell at the rear end of the car. The tightly packaged bodywork houses the new Mercedes-Benz 1.6 litre turbocharged V6 engine and ERS that powers the Mercedes W05.

In sinister silver the Mercedes-Benz 2014 Formula One car, aesthetically at least, is pick of the bunch. However, does the Mercedes-Benz team have what it takes to vanquish the dominant Red Bull Racing?