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Mercury IS Dead, Does Anybody Care?


Mercury has been around for over 70 years and for those 70 years it has provided the motor industry with products that are just unnecessary. The company founded by Henry Ford’s son was designed to bridge the gap between the affordable Ford and the costly Lincoln, how did it do this? Simple, they just ripped the Ford badge off and replaced it with another as well as charging you a little extra for the privilege.

Now before I say what I have to say next I don’t want an inbox of angry e-mails tomorrow morning, so if you’re the type to complain about other people’s opinions don’t bother reading on. American cars in general are poorly designed and poorly executed in comparison with their European rivals. The only reason the US market has seen a dramatic improvement in quality over the past two years is due to company’s like Ford looking at their European branch that is doing fantastically, and then comparing it with their US line-up that isn’t. The previous generation Focus is a good example of a car that in Europe is fantastic to drive and a joy to own, where as in America it’s a nasty Tupperware container that looks like something that the cat has mutilated. Anyway back to Mercury…

This company has been taking the already shameful Ford US models and branding them as some form of luxury palace. Talk about dressing mutton as lamb. During its life span it has failed to produce one desirable car, NOT EVEN ONE in 70 years! This is exactly why nobody is buying them, they are stuck in that era when not only did America produce crap but also very bland crap. The muscle car is America’s forte and the world over respects that, these cars with more power than sense and names that captured the imagination. But that was 50 years ago and the world has grown up since then, people want to do more than just drive in a straight line.

So do we care that Mercury is gone, no, not at all.