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MG Back From The Dead!


MG the iconic British brand that had more owners than John Prescott has had hot dinners. Even BMW tried and failed to make MG a success that lived up to its former self. When Rover took over and decided to have financial problems of their own, the company’s fate was sealed and manufacture assemblies were closed. Since then SAIC have bought up the brand and that was the last we heard of the troubled icon in Europe.

Rejoice MG fans as SAIC have announced plans to design and build a car within the UK! Designed for the VW Polo’s market as well as the Ford Fiesta’s, the new MG Zero hatch looks to have potential. The car goes back to MG basics of simplicity and their highly contrasting coloured interiors. This concept is full of all the modern tech that you would expect as well as retro speedometers.

Expect the production model to lack the futuristic seating and glowing floor mats when it arrives next September. £15,000 is theestimated price for this 1.8 litre homecoming and plans are well underway to commence its manufacture in the Longbridge plant that controversially shut after the company’s demise.

Assume this little car to be small and nimble like its forefathers but much less likely to leak when it rains.