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Michael Schumacher Sedation Reduced


Schumacher ROCThe world of motorsport gasped in shock when the legendary 7 times Formula One world champion Michael Schumacher was rushed to hospital after a skiing accident in France. Initially things didn’t seem too bad with reports of him being conscious after hitting his head on a rock, however, worse news came later. Schumacher was put into a medically induced coma and then underwent numerous brain surgeries in a bit to reduce swelling. He has now been in a coma for over a month and medical professionals were unwilling to put a sunny forecast as a likely outcome. Today, at last, there is some good news… Michael Schumacher Sedation Reduced.

We have reframed from publishing continuous updates and speculation on Michael’s condition after his family asked for some privacy, which of course they deserve. Sabine Kehm, Schumacher’s agent, has told the media that his sedation is slowly being reduced to allow the “waking up process” to begin. Clearly Schumacher is not our of the woods yet and the full extent of his injuries will not be known for a while yet, but this is at least some positive news for his family and fans.

We are all still behind you Michael. Keep fighting!