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Military Heroes Take Bowler To Dakar


I takes incredible courage to fight for your country. Risking your life in active duty is a minimum requirement anyone joining the armed forces. With the world continuously in conflict each country should be very proud of these men and women who protect their homelands interests. Sadly war is a brutal and cruel event, some perish but others survive. It can be hard for a wounded hero to readjust to the normal world but a noble team are attempting to achieve this by doing something incredible.

Project Mobility is entering a team of injured battle hardened men into the legendary Dakar rally. They will be using a machine as strong as their spirits, a Bowler EXR. Entering the 2014 event, these brave people will overcome the odds and their disabilities showing that no matter your situation in life you can still achieve great things.

Good luck to them and I’m sure you will all agree that what they are doing is inspirational.