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Mini Cooper SD Aims Diesel At The Youth


The words sporty and diesel aren’t exactly the best of bedfellows. Though what was once viewed as the fuel of the devil has come a long way and can now equal the performance of petrol, it is still not the heart of performance. Though maybe it should be with the majority of entrants to the Le Mans 24 Hour being diesel and many have taken victory thanks to it. Mini is now attempting to push the idea of “sporty” diesels in the form of a Cooper S.

The New Mini Cooper SD is just that. A Cooper S powered by a diesel engine; nothing new or revolutionary but the idea of petrol exuberance and diesel efficiency is a seductive prospect. The SD is powered by a 143BHP 2.0 litre four cylinder engine that can get the little hatch to a top speed of 134MPH and from 0-60MPH in 8.1 seconds. SD models will notonly be granted to the smallest car of the range but also the Clubman and Countryman.

Prices start at £18,750 for the hatch and go all the way up to £23,190 for the Countryman All4.